Research Article | Cucumber is an important vegetable crop belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. An optimized regeneration system is required to address different biotechnological...


Published in 12 January 2023

Research Article | Goat's milk is an excellent source of nutrients because its composition is the closest to that of human milk. This work was concerned with the study of the influence of crosses between local...


Published in 11 January 2023

Research Article | The study was conducted at Sylhet Agricultural University Campus to find out how adding rice husk ash (RHA) affected the characteristics of Sylhet clay bricks. The goal of the study was to...


Published in 18 December 2022

Research Article | This study was conducted to examine the Rural Transport Accessibility Index and improve the connectivity of the rural road network for agricultural development in the Sunamganj district,...

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Published in 15 December 2022

Research Article | The main objective was to compare the physicochemical characteristics of meatballs produced from pork meat and wheat flour mixed with Amaranthus caudatus . Meatballs were produced with...


Published in 05 December 2022

Research Article | Community diagnosis is a comprehensive assessment of the community state as a whole in relation to economic, social, physical, and biological environmental conditions. This study aimed to...


Published in 17 November 2022

Short Communication | This short note follows a discussion on a study that assessed reservoir fisheries and ecosystem-based management approaches in Ghana. The main objectives of the study were to develop an...


Published in 29 January 2023

Case Report/Clinical Report | A 6-month-old Nigerian indigenous breed of dog bitch was presented to the Small animal clinic of the University of Jos veterinary teaching hospital, Jos, Plateau State,...


Published in 01 February 2023

Case Report/Clinical Report | Fournier gangrene (FG) is a necrotizing soft tissue infection initiated from the genital area or perineum, irrespective of the sex of the patient. A patient presented in the hospital with the...


Published in 30 January 2023

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Published in 23 January 2023