Dr. Maiko Dantas


Research Article | This study presents problems related to the conservation status of the order Pseudoscorpiones in Brazil. For this, raw data from the “Red Book of the Brazilian Fauna Endangered with Extinction”...


Published in 25 July 2021

Research Article | An indirect rotary solar dryer for drying beef has been manufactured and designed in the food engineering workshop at the College of Agriculture, Basrah University. The dryer contains a solar...


Published in 20 July 2021

Short Communication | The Biocheck.UGent scoring system was developed to measure and quantify the level of biosecurity in animal husbandry. This tool is composed of all the relevant elements of biosecurity in poultry...


Published in 29 July 2021

Case Report/Clinical Report | Milk fever is a condition in which an animal's body fails to maintain calcium homeostasis as a result of an increase in calcium demand during pregnancy or lactation. The clinical care of...


Published in 31 July 2021

Case Report/Clinical Report | The gestational period brings to the woman a series of hormonal changes, which can cause many discomforts, such as physical and gastrointestinal. Thus, the present study is justified in need to...


Published in 22 July 2021