Dr. Maiko Dantas


Research Article | Diseases caused by contaminated water consumption are among the leading causes of death in children, the elderly, and people who are immunocompromised. Hence there is an important need to ensure...


Published in 31 January 2021

Research Article | Neural Therapy is a treatment that aims at self-regulation of the organism through the application of local anesthetics in low concentrations, such as procaine hydrochloride, in places chosen by...


Published in 26 January 2021

Research Article | Pineapple is an abundant fruit in Nigeria, which usually suffers post-harvest spoilage due to lack of preservation techniques. Its rich sugar content makes it a suitable substrate for wine...


Published in 20 January 2021

Research Article | Procaine hydrochloride is a local anesthetic used in neural therapy with surprising results in different types of patients and treatments. neural therapy was developed mainly by the German...


Published in 21 January 2021

Research Article | In order to assess the physical characteristics of soils in areas under different uses in the Porto Seguro Sustainable Development Project, located in the municipality of Marabá - PA, physical...


Published in 29 December 2020