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    Container gardening is seen as a long-term endeavor that promotes economic, environmental, and social well-being as well as physical, mental, and social health. Despite government efforts, the public does not actively engage in urban agriculture activities, and it is challenging to retain participants' interests. This study aimed to design a container gardening program that can be implemented as a banner program for BTVTED students. This descriptive study involved fifty (50) respondents from selected areas who fit under the inclusion criteria and were randomly chosen to answer the acceptability survey regarding the use of container gardening. The data and research findings were conducted through the use of the mean and the standard deviation, discovered that number of participants mostly engaged are females and the level of acceptability for container program as a way of food augmentation with regards to the economy has the highest value, which means that the respondents agreed it can produce foods from own crops, it can also generate income and supply food and subsistence of family. The researchers recommended that local governments might be able to encourage the growth of container gardening engagement in several activities, such as a campaign to educate participants and non-participants about the advantages of container gardening in the future.

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