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    Ancient manuscripts are extremely rich cultural artifacts that provide unique insights into the historical, social, and cultural aspects of bygone civilizations. This study employs a qualitative methodology with a descriptive approach. The research aims to investigate the application of conserving ancient manuscripts as a means of preserving the local content collection. The North Sumatra State Museum actively contributes to the provision of data, encompassing research on the conservation, collection, and preservation of ancient manuscripts. The sampling strategy employed is purposive sampling, specifically targeting two managers/officers from the department responsible for the preservation of ancient scripts in the collection. Methods of data collection include conducting interviews, making observations, and studying documentation. This research aims to serve as a valuable resource for museums and libraries, highlighting the significance of maintaining collections as a means of safeguarding local content. The results indicated that the conservation of ancient manuscripts involves fumigation to remove animals and fungi, applying lemongrass oil and storing in shade to prevent damage, using gel-based chemicals for protection, and reinforcing with paper napkin. Experts are also enlisted to train staff. However, challenges include inadequate tools, equipment, expert manpower, funding, a specific preservation schedule, and sufficient space.

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