Dr. João Souza-Junior


Review Article | As it regulates important physical functions and general wellbeing, the hypophysis plays a major role in responding to the increased demand for different hormones. In the current review, we...


Published in 03 November 2022

Review Article | Fatty acids (FA) have a variety of functions in animal bodies. They can be used as metabolic biomarkers, including in pathological conditions. Heat stress (HS) is accompanied by a drop in...


Published in 25 October 2022

Review Article | Evidence that dietary supplementation with nitrate-rich beet juice (NO3-) can improve endurance exercise performance. This paper aimed critically assess the effects of acute and chronic NO3-...


Published in 24 October 2022

The influence of vitamin D on postpartum depression

da Silva J d P P, Barros E d S, et al.
Review Article | Postpartum depression is considered a childbirth-related mood disorder and starts between the first day and four months after delivery. Its clinical manifestation includes extreme sadness,...


Published in 22 February 2022

Mini-Review | Animal experiments are conducted to demonstrate proof-of-concept and mechanisms of action, provide safe cell culture methods, carry out tissue engineering, and study infectious disease...


Published in 18 March 2022