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    This study investigates beef cattle's breeding profile and reproductive performance kept by smallholder farms in Monta District, Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. In-depth interviews were conducted with fifty smallholder farmers, and observations were made on ninety-eight cows. Data on farmers' demographics, breeding profiles, management, and reproductive performance were collected and analyzed using descriptive analysis. The average age of the farmers was 44.32±6.61 years, with an average livestock farming experience of 33.14±6.17 years and an average cattle ownership of 5.02±3.96 heads. Most farmers (98.0%) engaged in beef cattle farming as a supplementary business for savings and insurance purposes. Interestingly, none of the smallholder farmers were members of livestock groups or had received any formal beef cattle farming training. The study's findings indicate promising results concerning beef cows' management and reproductive performance. The observed parameters include the average age of the first estrus at 26.03±5.01 months, the first mating age at 26.55±5.02 months, and the first calving age at 36.76±5.02 months. The average calf weaning age was 3.93±1.11 months, and the postpartum mating interval was 4.20±0.90 months. The cows exhibited an average of 1.59±0.49 services per conception, with an average days open period of 4.61±1.10 months. The calving interval was found to be 13.71±1.06 months. Moreover, the cow reproductive index was recorded at 0.88±0.07 head/year, indicating commendable management practices and reproductive performance. In conclusion, this study reveals that productive-age farmers with livestock experience engage in beef cattle farming as a supplementary business for savings. The findings suggest that beef cattle management and performance are commendable, considering the favorable calving interval and cow reproductive index.

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