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    The development of publications utilizing the Scopus database is analyzed in this study. The VOSviewer software tool is employed to construct and visualize a bibliometric network. After filtering 3,114 published documents from the Scopus database spanning 2003-2022, 314 articles are deemed suitable for analysis. Through the utilization of VOSviewer and the visualization of co-occurrence networks based on keywords, 47 items are categorized into six clusters, each identified by a distinct color. The findings of the research indicate that publications on infection prevention and control within information systems have not been affected negatively by the COVID-19 pandemic; instead, they have reached their peak in 2021, the highest point observed in the last 20 years. Diverse network relationships among information systems, infection prevention and control, and COVID-19 are revealed through this bibliometric study analysis. The significance and necessity of technology-based information systems in healthcare facilities are also emphasized, highlighting their crucial role in health services. The practical implication of this study is the recognition of the continuous requirement for the enhancement and development of technology-based information systems in order to improve the quality of health services and effectively prevent and control infections in healthcare facilities.

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