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    The banking industry, marked by dynamic market conditions and evolving customer expectations, encounters distinctive challenges in talent management. Talent management, covering recruitment, development, and retention, plays a crucial role in ensuring the competitiveness of banks. This research conducts an in-depth exploration of talent management strategies in banking environments to unveil the nuances contributing to organizational success. The primary objective is to investigate and assess the effectiveness of talent management strategies by banks to attract, nurture and retain skilled professionals. The paper examines relevant publications, utilizing a methodological approach that spans from 2018 to 2023. Data are extracted from scientific literature databases to ensure a comprehensive analysis. The findings indicate heightened academic interest in talent management within the banking sector, emphasizing the urgent need for further research. The paper provides valuable insights for academia and the banking sector, serving as a foundation for future Data-driven research on talent management and hiring strategies in the banking industry and the broader financial domain.

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