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    Resource use and food security are the major worldwide problems due to an expanding global population. This article explores how robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) might improve supply chain operations. RAS has been used to increase productivity. The adoption and integration of RAS into the food business have been investigated by researchers. All recent research, has concentrated on the technical implications of RAS. The primary focus of this work is on the use of RAS from a supply chain management perspective in the food business. Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) method was selected for this study. The outcome of this phase was 74 papers for full-text examination. The process produced a final list of 20 publications for data synthesis and analysis. The application of RAS in connection to five crucial aspects of the food supply chain, food waste, supply chain efficiency, food safety, food quality and supply chain analysis was examined in this study. RAS application in food supply chains is examined in relation to the significance of skill competency, cyber security, data accessibility and financial issues.

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