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    Solid waste management is a worldwide concern with substantial environmental, social, and economic ramifications. This review provides a complete assessment of solid waste management from an Indian viewpoint. It presents an overview of the current state, difficulties, and prospects in solid waste management, focusing on environmental sustainability and public health. The goal is to give a comprehensive overview of many approaches utilized to manage and reduce the expanding problem of solid waste. It examines a variety of waste management techniques, such as landfill disposal, recycling, composting, waste-to-energy practices, and waste elimination and minimizing. Many municipalities across the country prefer landfilling for the removal of solid waste. In landfills, waste is transformed through chemical, biological, and physical processes, functioning as an environmental furnace. Therefore, soil cover thickness, barriers, leachate collecting, landfill gas recovery, and flaring facilities are essential for sustainable landfilling. The benefits of composting and anaerobic breakdown for decreasing the environmental effect of biological waste are examined in this review. Hazardous chemicals in landfills can have severe ecological and public health consequences. It looks into the benefits of effective dangerous waste disposal, such as pollution control and resource recovery. Mining and reusing landfills for diverse uses, such as renewable energy generation and recreational areas, have the potential to be beneficial. The article discusses upcoming solid waste management trends and technologies such as intelligent garbage collection mechanisms, reuse and recycling concepts, and sustainable packaging solutions. It emphasizes the potential of these advances to improve overall waste management effectiveness and sustainability.

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