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    The relevance of strategic management in tourism lies in the fact that the tourism industry is an important economic sector that affects the social and economic development of the country. Due to increasing competition, changes in consumerism, technological innovations, and external factors, strategic management is becoming key to the successful operation of tourism enterprises. The analysis of different strategic approaches helps to identify the most effective strategies for achieving competitive advantages. It ensures the sustainable development of the tourism business in a constantly changing environment. This article analyzes the current state of the Ukrainian tourism sector and identifies its main challenges. Particular attention was paid to the impact of the pandemic and Russia's full-scale invasion of the Ukrainian tourism industry. The study notes that these crises have caused a significant reduction in revenues in the tourism business, as well as led to the decline of health facilities and a massive outflow of specialists. The authors also highlighted the current losses for the tourism sector, including the cessation of business travel, the transformation of internal and external tourism, the decline of resort and health hotels, and the staffing crisis. During the study, special attention was paid to key aspects of strategic management in tourism. Such aspects include the development of innovative approaches to services, ensuring the quality of service, and developing partnerships with other tourism market players. In addition, the authors have emphasized the need to cooperate with stakeholders to jointly promote the tourist region and develop tourist infrastructure. The application of these strategic approaches will contribute to the rapid recovery, preservation of competitiveness, and sustainable development of the tourism industry.

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