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    The article examines the current developments in structural health monitoring (SHM), emphasizing innovative inventions made possible by wireless sensing techniques. Wireless Sensing Technologies (WST) make use of detectors that do not require wiring to collect and communicate data wirelessly, allowing for automation, real-time information, and remote monitoring. SHM combined with WST enables continuous data collecting, cost-effective servicing, and quick detection of possible structural concerns. IoT is becoming an essential technique for monitoring systems as a consequence of the quick development of technologies for sensing like radio-frequency identification as well as sensors and the merging of computer technologies like internet and wireless communication. To provide smart and trustworthy monitoring, the present work discusses and presents an architecture for SHM utilizing IoT technologies. Particularly, technologies related to the creation of SHM systems and IoT environments are given, along with data routing strategies. Big data systems are being created to assist with the complicated and vast amount of data acquired from devices mounted on structures because sensors are generating data more quickly and voluminously than ever.

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