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    Micro-grids have been rising as a component of the smart grid (SG), power management systems and integrating renewable energy sources (RES). The integration of various distributed components such as modern measuring facilities, connectivity and electric transportation, are causing an exciting change in the grid around the world. The purpose of this transformation is to advance the subsequent power systems’ dependability, renewable energy management and security. In this study, we offer a systematic review of innovative (artificial intelligence AI) approaches for supporting diverse demands in a distributed SG. In particular, we examine the way that artificial approaches can help with the integration of RES, SG and power management. We also address how AI can contribute to enhancing the general social welfare of the SG, considering it encompasses a variety of consumers, including energy producers, industries and consumption. Lastly, we provide additional studies for the significant coordination, along with the integration of autonomous separated devices that highlight several unresolved issues and future directions, to construct an incredible SG.

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