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    Big Data-driven initiatives have transformed several industries by using large databases to extract vital information and enhance operations. In the field of sustainable water irrigation, Big Data enables intelligent water management, allowing for exact resource allocation, monitoring and analysis. This combination enables smart decision-making, increasing productivity in agriculture while reducing water consumption and environmental impacts. The revolutionary influence of data-driven approaches on managing water resources for sustainable and efficient irrigation practices has significant potential. The research highlights the importance of Big Data-driven approaches in water management by examining their applicability. It explores the artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for water irrigation that is sustainable and determines significant affecting factors efficient water management. The study encourages AI in intelligent water management systems and explains the application of big data in irrigation. It illustrates how smart water management which includes hydrated irrigation and predictive water infrastructure can contribute to AI-driven water management. To handle complicated water supply problems, the research presents an estimated water level model, highlighting the integration of AI and indicating the revolutionary potential of these techniques in attaining sustainable water irrigation. We highlight the novel possibilities of big data-driven methods for sustainable water irrigation, illustrating the essential part of AI techniques in effective water resource allocation.

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