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    The manufacturing landscape has been altered by additive manufacturing (AdMa), which has surfaced as a versatile and adaptive technology. Notable advancements have been made in the creation of ceramic substances for AdMa procedures. The ceramic components made using AdMa processes show deficiencies concerning their overall performance and mechanical properties. More recently, research has concentrated on improving mechanical properties and effectiveness by optimizing the fabrication procedure by integrating additional post-processing methods and using a material pre-treatment approach. The advancements in AdMa methods for producing high-performance ceramic (H-Perform-C) materials, referred to as advanced ceramics, are reviewed and examined in this article. AdMa methods are classified based on the ASTM's standards and the particular technology used in these procedures is further explained. A comprehensive review is provided, explaining the fundamental principles, mechanical characteristics, merits, drawbacks, practical implementations and constraints associated with each respective technological approach.

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