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    The swift expansion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has brought forth exceptional prospects for automation and data-driven decisions. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an instance of network architecture that divides network devices into a control plane and a data plane. SDN provides a dynamic and adaptable method of managing the growing complexity of IoT devices with its programmable design and centralized control. A network's capacity to handle an increasing number of IoT devices is facilitated by SDN's improved scalability. Custom network policies and services that are suited to the distinctive requirements of various IoT applications it can be established because of SDN's programmability. SDN and blockchain integration can improve network transaction and configuration security. Here, blockchain technology is decentralized. There is not just one point of failure, which lowers the possibility of malicious attacks and illegal access. The study demonstrates that IoT environments can be enhanced more efficiently, transparently and safely by integrating blockchain technology with SDN. A summary of SDN is presented and then block-chain technologies are examined with a focus on consensus protocols. After that, it explores the difficulties of implementing blockchain-based SDN into practice, concentrating on security issues. Furthermore, this study explores the mutual effects of IoT and blockchain, emphasizing the complementary relationship between the two developing technologies. This review highlights that block-chain as well as SDNs could work together to strengthen IoT privacy and establish a more robust digital future.

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