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    This systematic review synthesizes the existing literature on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems within the healthcare sector. CRM systems have increasingly become integral tools for healthcare organizations aiming to improve patient engagement, enhance care coordination, and optimize operational efficiency. Through a systematic search and analysis of relevant studies, this review examines the implementation, impact, and challenges associated with CRM systems in healthcare settings. Key findings highlight the benefits of CRM adoption, including improved patient satisfaction, streamlined communication among healthcare providers, and enhanced resource allocation. However, challenges such as data privacy concerns, interoperability issues, and resistance to change also emerge. The review identifies implications for healthcare organizations seeking to adopt or optimize CRM systems and outlines potential future research directions to advance understanding and implementation of CRM technology in healthcare.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have gained increasing attention in the healthcare sector as organizations strive to enhance patient satisfaction, improve care quality, and optimize operational efficiency. This systematic review aims to consolidate and analyse existing literature on the implementation and impact of CRM systems in healthcare environments. A comprehensive search of electronic databases was conducted, and studies meeting predetermined inclusion criteria were selected for analysis. Key themes identified from the literature include the benefits of CRM adoption, challenges in implementation, and factors influencing successful CRM deployment in healthcare settings. The findings highlight the potential of CRM systems to facilitate patient engagement, personalize care delivery, and streamline communication between providers and patients

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