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    This study delves into the realm of gender diversity research, scrutinizing published scientific studies from 2013 to 2023. Utilizing the Scopus repository, an analysis is conducted on bibliometric characteristics employing tools such as Vos viewer, R-studio, and SPAR-4. The results indicate a notable 211% surge in gender diversity publications over the span of a decade, predominantly in scholarly periodicals (72.64%). Noteworthy is the dominance of the United States and United Kingdom in this field, accounting for nearly half of all research output. Eminent scholars such as Galbreath (USA) and Kulik (UK) are recognized for their scholarly contributions, while the journal "Academic Medicine" emerges as a frontrunner in terms of paper dissemination. In contrast to the abundance of bibliometric analyses in the natural and life sciences, the social sciences, particularly gender diversity studies, have not received commensurate attention. This investigation addresses this gap by providing valuable insights into trends in academic publishing, prominent authors and publications, and the geographical distribution of contributions within this critical domain of social science. Through its comprehensive examination, this study enables future research endeavours by shedding light on significant contributions and areas warranting further exploration.

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