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    Our way of life and our entire existence were threatened in 2019 by the chaos caused by the new coronavirus epidemic. This caused outrage around the world. Given the serious impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing a strategy to improve patient health, promote well-being, facilitate healing, and reduce the likelihood of adverse outcomes such as exacerbations and mortality is widely recognized as being of critical clinical and economic importance. The 2019 coronavirus epidemic (disease) continues to pose a serious challenge to patients and healthcare in most countries. In the human population, infection with the COVID-19 virus can cause symptoms similar to those of acute respiratory distress disorder, which can eventually lead to mortality. This is because ARDS and ARDS-like symptoms are caused by the same underlying disease. Vitamin D has immunomodulatory properties and shows promise as a potential therapeutic agent in the treatment of certain upper respiratory tract pathologies, especially infections (URTIs). Vitamin D can reduce hyperinflammatory responses and expedite the healing process in damaged regions, especially in pulmonary tissue. This is especially true for individuals with asthma. This has direct implications for both ecological and mechanistic reasons for studying vitamin D activity in diseased individuals. Since there are currently no treatments for this disease, we believe that we can investigate whether vitamin D can alter its progression and severity. Patients who are deficient in vitamin D or at risk of developing deficiency are undergoing clinical trials to ascertain and confirm whether vitamin D administration is effective in treating their conditions.

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