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    The worldwide issues of climate change and energy access have pushed the transition to sustainable and equitable systems of energy to the forefront of global awareness. Energy democracy is a term used by the movement for environmental justice that unites the shift to renewable energy sources with initiatives to democratize energy resource production and control. Citizenship in the energy sector entails the ability to engage in systems of energy as well as positively influence the energy transition. The energy transition is related to the worldwide transformation of the energy sector from dependence on fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas, and coal, to the use of renewable energy sources including solar as well as wind power, and the adoption of lithium-ion batteries. To give a comprehensive grasp of the concept of energy citizenship and democracy, this review investigates a wide range of studies, policy assessments, and theoretical frameworks. Data accessibility, cultural differences in involvement, and the difficulty of balancing the interests of many stakeholders in accomplishing and sustainable energy transitions might be its main obstacles. Here, we utilized safe, sustainable, affordable energy systems in energy democracy and various modes of Participatory Energy Transitions (PEDs) in energy citizenship. Then, using PEDs as a tool in urban energy transition. Energy democracy in social groups, India's energy citizenship, and energy transition in India are the obtained results. The review highlights the significance of education, awareness, and inclusiveness in advancing energy democracy and citizenship. As a conclusion, this study makes a significant contribution to the expanding canon on energy transition by analyzing and synthesizing the core ideas behind energy citizenship and energy democracy.

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