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    Despite the increasing attention that is devoted to the social-economic determinants of public health (SDoH) factors that influence people's health, the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is at an all-time high worldwide. Commercial determinants of public health (CDoPH), or the associated corporate and business environments, have garnered much interest. This study attempts to articulate the CDoPH to summarize key results, as stated in the literature and to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the body of available material. Review formal sources (Scopus, Global Health and Google Scholar). The search technique employed the terms commercial determination of public health, among others. Some major factors contributing to CDoPH dynamics are trade, social and economic power expression, corporate structures, regulatory frameworks, neoliberal and capitalist through. Corporate activities, including advertising, mutual social responsibility, corporate politics, vast supply chains, hazardous product development and accessibility problems are additional factors. These worsen the status of the results for global health. The use of CDoPH nomenclature in work examines how business operations and macro conditions affect health that can be beneficial. It would be helpful to facilitate an updated, operationalized definition of CDoPH. To enhance global health, systematic methods for recognizing, defining and avoiding these are needed.

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