• Abstract

    What is the past, present and future trajectories of sustainability and firm performance? The study identified seminal works, current and future trends relevant to sustainability and firm performance. The research employed bibliometric analysis tools such as cocitation, bibliographic coupling, and co-occurrence analysis combined with enrichment tools. Utilizing a dataset that spanned from 1998 to 2023, it used Biblioshiny and analyzed 735 articles from Scopus. The research results showed a growth rate of 23 percent and an average of 37 citations per article.   The research established stakeholder theory and theory of the firm as foundational pillar and latest developments focused on finance, corporate social responsibility, environmental assessment, and sustainability. Emerging trends involved sustainability performance, disclosures, internal factors, sustainability and firm performance, corporate social responsibility and governance, sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement, and costs. Researchers and practitioners can utilize these findings to direct their work and contribute to the ongoing discourse in sustainability and firm performance research.

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