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    Brain metastases are a frequent consequence of “non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)”, one of the most prevalent cancers with a poor prognosis. For the best possible patient outcomes, detecting and treating NSCLC brain metastases involve substantial hurdles and calls for a multidisciplinary approach. This article intends to provide an overview of current methods for diagnosing and treating NSCLC brain metastases. It examines the various available treatment options, diagnostic techniques, and their effects on patient outcomes. A thorough literature review was done to find pertinent studies, clinical suggestions, and professional advice about the specialized management of NSCLC. The chosen articles were examined to learn about molecular screening techniques, individualized treatment plans, and diagnostic procedures. For individualized treatment, precise NSCLC identification and prognosis are essential. Techniques such as imaging and endoscopy are used to collect tissue samples. It is advised to do a molecular screening for oncogenic changes. Evaluation of PD-L1 expression informs therapy decisions. The molecular profile determines the first line of treatment, followed by chemotherapy and immunotherapy, and cancer tissue samples help to detect resistance mechanisms. For the best possible patient results, NSCLC therapy must be personalized and incorporate precise pathology evaluation, molecular assessment, and precision therapeutic approaches. To progress in precision medicine in lung cancer treatment, further research is required to find novel molecular markers, especially those that predict the effectiveness of immunotherapy.

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