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    Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic condition that has been associated with Corona virus (CV) sickness and has the potential to cause catastrophic multisystemic consequences. They used a complete meta-analysis and review to examine the connection among DM and a bad prognosis in COVID-19 pneumonia individuals. We searched many online databases for articles assessing the correlation between DM and outcome in COVID-19 pneumonia. This study's principal result was an undesirable interaction of three secondary results: the occurrence of severe cardiovascular disease (CVD), acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and death. All 17 studies had 6452 participants. After eliminating the duplicates, the number of records remained at 350. After first looking at the titles and abstracts, we discarded 310 articles. After reviewing 43 full-text publications, 13 were ruled ineligible owing to a lack of mortality, interest, or disease progression outcomes, including those for severe ARDS which is disease progression, ARDS, Mortality and COVID-19 severity, were increased in COVID-19 patients with DM.

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