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    The article concretizes the scientific idea of professional training of choreographers. The specifics of the choreographers were determined, and the features of their professional activities were identified. The essence and structure of the individual style of the teacher-choreographer are revealed. The means that contribute to the formation of the individual style of teacher-choreographers in the process of professional training at a university have been identified. A system for forming individual handwriting has been developed for teachers and choreographers, and its use has been tested in the process of professional training. This article is devoted to analyzing the role of choreographic art in the formation and development of human personality. The author concludes that choreographic art acts as a sociocultural factor of creative activity and the development of a person's personality. It is established that the choreography is not only contributes to the development of an emotional feeling in the personality of the beauty of the real world but also to strengthen health, shapes posture, develops attention, memory, positively affects the general physical condition, and has a positive effect on the spiritual improvement.

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