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    This study is a literature review on the topic of "unethical practices of businessmen and street vendors" in India. This study aimed to examine the existing related research and identify the key challenges and limitations faced by street vendors in India, as well as the impact of unethical practices on the economy, society, and environment. The study also reviewed the solutions proposed to address the problem of unethical practices among businessmen and street vendors in India, including government regulation, corporate social responsibility, ethical leadership, and consumer support for legal and ethical vendors. The literature review process involved searching for and identifying relevant research articles, books, reports, and other sources on the topic. The sources were then analyzed and synthesized to identify key themes and findings. This study provides an overview of the literature on the topic of unethical practices among businessmen and street vendors in India and highlights the need for continued efforts to address this problem through a multifaceted approach that includes government regulation, consumer education and activism, and support for vendors to operate legally and ethically.

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