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    The ethics of investing are more important than ever in light of the pressing issues of global warming, social inequality, human rights violations, and the need to achieve sustainable development objectives. Investors are increasingly aware of their pivotal position in promoting ethical practices and actively seek investment opportunities that align with these objectives. Socially responsible investment (SRI) arises as a means of investing in companies that prioritize ethical practices, support sustainable development, and generate positive financial returns. We conduct a bibliometric analysis of the research landscape in the field of SRI and sustainable investing, investigating bibliographic coupling to identify the dominant themes and areas of interest. Our analysis reveals the existence of five major themes that define research in this field: i) sustainability and SRI, ii) sustainability and financial markets, iii) sustainable investing and corporate responsibility, iv) green finance and supply chain management, and v) CSR and financial performance in sustainable finance. These themes provide a comprehensive overview of the most important research topics and areas of interest within the field of SRI and sustainable investing. We intend to investigate the interrelationships between these themes, identify emergent research areas, and examine the impact of the findings on sustainable investment strategies. To further understand the concepts and their relevance to SRI, we prefer to perform a qualitative investigation of the identified issues. This study provides a comprehensive examination of the SRI and sustainable investing research landscape by employing bibliometric analysis. This study's findings will contribute to the scholarly understanding of sustainable investing and provide investors, policymakers, and financial institutions with valuable insights for making informed decisions and promoting sustainable and ethical investment practices.

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