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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the development of research publications on leadership implementation in MSMEs over the last five years. This research used a bibliometric analysis approach with VOSviewer software to develop and visualize the bibliometric network. This research conducted screening based on leadership keywords in MSMEs in the SCOPUS database in the vulnerable years 2018-2023. Publications according to keywords initially amounted to 90 articles, after which 33 articles were filtered. The development of leadership publications in MSMEs in the last 5 years has experienced ups and downs in the number of publications per year, with an increasing trend occurring in 2023, when there were many publications in the field of business, management and accounting, with 33 documents (47.8%). The results of the analysis with VOSviewer and visualization of co-occurrence networks based on leadership keywords in MSMEs revealed 174 items with a division of 12 clusters marked with different colors. The interrelated factors include entrepreneurial leadership, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial motivation, quality management, digital transformation, competition, and others. The results of the analysis using the VOSviewer application show that there is a relationship between leadership and MSMEs with other networks; thus, additional research could be interesting.

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