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    Workplace spirituality has become a significant area for research in recent years due to its ability to benefit employees and improve organizational performance. This research paper analyzes the development of workplace spirituality from 2003 to 2022, with an emphasis on its potential outcomes. Using VOS viewer software, a bibliometric study is performed on a sample of 478 articles from the Scopus database. The study presents various bibliometric indicators, including the number of publications, subject areas, most influential authors, journals, and countries; citation and cocitation maps of authors and journals; and the identification of nineteen central themes and three clusters through co-occurrence analysis. The study also highlights the three major clusters: workplace spirituality and organizational performance, workplace spirituality and leadership, and spirituality and well-being. The paper discusses the various theories and methods used in the WPS literature and provides insights into future research directions. The findings of this study have important implications for scholars and practitioners interested in enhancing the performance of employees and organizations.

  • References

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