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    The formation of AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom, and United States) on September 15, 2021, elicited conflicting reactions from states in the international system. China, Southeast Asian countries, the US allies in the Indo Pacific, European countries and other countries in the international system demonstrated their different reactions based on their perception of security threat. The objective of this study is to investigate state reactions and to examine the implications of AUKUS for the international system. This study is analysed qualitatively using literature on the topic. Most studies on the formation of AUKUS use the security dilemma concept in analysing the formation of AUKUS. However, this study revealed that immediate state reactions to the formation of AUKUS are not completely in line with the concept of security dilemma. Balance of power theory may offer a more comprehensive assessment of the implications of AUKUS for other states in the international system. This study offers recommendations for states tackling this complex balance of power phenomena as a result of AUKUS’s formation in the international system. Increasing defense diplomacy among states is a significant long-term step for states to confront AUKUS as an unresolved threat in the international system.

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