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    The pace of change and the dynamics of writing and publication in the research on transformational leadership have experienced good progress, and the trend continues to increase. This research intends to analyze the bibliometrics of published scientific literature writing, especially research on writing related to transformational leadership, organizational citizenship behavior (ocb), and employee performance. The literature data are taken from Scopus-indexed journals, which will be used for processing data in terms of publication, type, source of documents, the language of publication, and number of citations. These countries still play a significant role, affiliations, and the most productive authors by entering "keywords" in search results. The search results through Scopus-indexed journals found 4,224 documents valid for analysis. The author also uses the VOS viewer program to visualize the results of data processing bibliometrics. The results show a research trend that continues to increase. This research was conducted starting in 2018. Much research has been done on transformational leadership, where the writing is done with cooperation and collaboration among several authors. Nearly all publications are published in English, for a total of 4,101 writings from 131 countries, with the USA as the country with the most, with 787 documents.

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