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    This study aims to illuminate the endeavors of ancient Arabic linguists in the surveillance and classification of words falling into the categories of "Arabized" and "intruder," and to demonstrate the impact of the inclusion of these words on the enrichment of the Arabic language. It further seeks to identify the methodologies employed by scholars in addressing these lexical components. Employing a descriptive and analytical approach, this study elucidates the repercussions of incorporating Arabized and foreign words on the evolution and vitality of the Arabic language. The findings of this study affirm the Arabic language's capacity to subject foreign and extraneous terms to the morphological and phonetic conventions of the Arabic linguistic framework. Moreover, it reveals a consensus among scholars regarding their approaches to handling Arabized and intruder words, with an overarching commitment to preserving the essence and integrity of the Arabic language in accordance with its established norms and standards.

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