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    Employees perform various tasks that are not rewarded by organizations. However, going beyond job duties may also result in negative outcomes for employees and organizations. Considering this, the present study is an attempt to examine the literature on citizenship pressure. To conduct the research study, a qualitative approach was adopted. The PRISMA approach was used to systematically report the literature review. The results indicated that studies on the dark side of organizational citizenship behavior with the term ‘Citizenship Pressure’ are growing. The majority of the literature on citizenship pressure is widely dominated by the Western context. The present study summarizes the research progress on citizenship pressure and provides an overview of the most commonly adopted predictors and outcomes of citizenship pressure. Hence, this may lead to future research. Studies on citizenship pressure are dominated by quantitative techniques. Nevertheless, this is the only study that examined the ongoing research trends on citizenship pressure using PRISMA. This study will provide guidelines for future studies.

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