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    Character education is one of the focuses of national education programs, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research aimed to investigate the implementation of character education during COVID-19 in Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (State Islamic Senior High School) in Indonesia. The study used a qualitative method with 65 people as the subject, consisting of 5 madrasah (Islamic school) principals and 60 teachers of 5 madrasahs in four districts of North Sumatra and Aceh Province, Indonesia. The subjects of the study were chosen purposively. The data collection techniques were interviews, observations, and documentation. The results indicated that the strategy of implementing character education during the pandemic at madrasahs in North Sumatra Province and Aceh Province involved integrating the online learning and modelling approach and internalizing the values of the nation's character in the learning and self-development activities in madrasahs. This study also found some obstacles to the implementation of character education during the pandemic, including teachers' lack of ability to use the online learning system and poor internet connections. The solution is to develop teacher skills for online learning systems and improve internet connections and technological facilities in schools.

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