• Abstract

    The rapid growth of distributed energy generation has brought new challenges for the management and operation of the power system. Voltage fluctuation is one of the primary factors preventing further photo voltaic (PV) penetration in low-voltage networks. The proper sizing and location of any storage system are essential for reducing costs and eliminating losses, which is another element. This review presents a depth overview of the different ancillary services that storage systems may offer and a proper sizing of energy storage systems (ESS). Different kinds of ESS store energy in different ways. Some of these have reached their full potential, while others are still being worked on. Specific storage solutions may be picked depending on how well the application needs to run. Pumped-hydro and thermal energy storage systems are best for large-scale energy storage, while battery energy storage systems are highly suggested for high power and energy needs. Most of the time, supercapacitors, Superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES), and Flywheel Energy Storage (FES) are used for short-term and fast-response uses. Hydrogen and methane are not often used to store energy because they could be more efficient. A few case studies are also given.

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