Dr. João Souza-Junior


Research Article | Non-invasive monitoring of the heart rate allows measuring the condition of the chick embryo in the incubation process without negative consequences for the future chick. The optical method for...


Published in 01 June 2019

Research Article | This study aimed to evaluate the body surface temperature of crossbreed cows and calves managed in the semi-arid region of Minas Gerais (Brazil), using the infrared thermography technique. The...


Published in 29 May 2019

Research Article | This experiment was aimed to determine the best strategies for alleviating the detrimental effects of heat stress by feed restriction (FR) in hot times and dietary supplementation with Vit.+Min....


Published in 09 April 2019

Research Article | Cleome arabica is a spontaneous plant in arid zones, toxic and has hallucinogenic effects. In this work, we seek to evaluate the direct and delayed effect of the aqueous extracts on the...


Published in 14 March 2019

Review Article | Livestock rearing plays an integral role in enabling small and marginal farmers to ensure their livelihood security, which prevents both the food insecurity and poverty.  Among the...


Published in 05 May 2019