Dr. João Souza-Junior


Research Article | In tropical developing regions, such as Brazil, animal welfare (AW) has been gaining increasing attention, while stockperson job satisfaction, which is intimately related to AW, is often...


Published in 31 May 2023

Research Article | The red panda ( Ailurus fulgens ) population is decreasing, with less than 10,000 individuals in the wild because of habitat destruction, fragmentation, and illegal hunting. Captive...


Published in 04 May 2023

Research Article | This study aimed to evaluate the ingestive behavior of F1 Holstein x Zebu cows grazing on deferred pasture receiving different supplementation strategies. The experimental design was completely...


Published in 02 May 2023

Research Article | Artificial light, as one of the environmental factors, plays a significant role in regulating the synthesis and secretion of hormones related to the coordination of parameters of life, growth,...


Published in 25 April 2023

Review Article | The justification for this review article is to understand the position of vegans and those individuals who consume food of animal origin from an unbiased perspective but with a grounding in...


Published in 01 May 2023

Review Article | Climate change is shifting rainfall patterns, air temperature, river flows, and sea levels globally, resulting in changes in ground and surface water quality due to salinization, especially in...


Published in 12 April 2023

Review Article | Compost barn (CB), although recent in Brazil, is increasingly gaining popularity among the intensive breeding systems in the dairy sector. This system promises to offer several advantages to...


Published in 10 April 2023

Short Communication | The current research investigated triiodothyronine concentrations in Karagouniko and Chios rams in a temperate climate zone, considering the periods January-June and July-November, characterized...


Published in 24 April 2023