Dr. João Souza-Junior


Research Article | This study aimed to evaluate the thermal response of the eyelids and lacrimal gland of the left eye (LETG) through infrared thermography (IRT), cardiorespiratory parameters, and their...


Published in 29 March 2023

Research Article | This study aimed to investigate the relationship between behavioural activities and sperm parameters in modern and local breeds of Ukrainian boars. Visual observations were conducted on 30...


Published in 22 March 2023

Research Article | The present study aimed to investigate the effect of milk liquid and powder supplements on piglets’ performance, drinking behavior, and sow back-fat thickness change during the lactation period....


Published in 20 March 2023

Research Article | Water plays a crucial role in all aspects of our lives, including the economy, food security, production, and politics, making it essential for sustainable development. Surface water pollution,...


Published in 04 March 2023

Research Article | Overexpression of abnormal behavior among captive primates indicates poor management practices. The type, frequency, and contributing factors of abnormal behaviors vary highly across individual...


Published in 05 February 2023

Research Article | The analysis of avian diversity and their natural ecosystems at a regional scale is the first step to understanding and classifying a specific region's ecological importance and, therefore,...


Published in 27 January 2023

Research Article | It is well known that the concentration of the thyroid hormone thyroxine increases as day length increases, and the other way around, in Karagouniko and Chios ewes but based on openly...


Published in 23 January 2023

Research Article | The four fish species, Trichogaster pectoralis , Barbodes schwanenfeldii , Osphronemus gouramy , and Wallago leeri have the same body size, representing...


Published in 02 January 2023

Research Article | The present experiment aimed to evaluate the reproductive response of Blackbelly ewes synchronized with low doses of eCG during the summer in a tropical climate. Sixty multiparous hair ewes were...


Published in 16 December 2022