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    The study was conducted to establish the differences in the expression pattern of different cell surface toll-like-receptors (TLRs) between indigenous Osmanabadi and Salem Black goats subjected to summer season induced heat stress. The primary objective of the study is to assess the thermo-tolerance ability of these two breeds based on maintaining the immune status during exposure to heat stress. The results indicated that the expression of TLR1, TLR4, TLR5, TLR6, and TLR10 genes in both the breeds showed different expression pattern. The expression pattern of all these genes did not differed between the control (OC) and heat stress (OHS) group in Osmanabadi breed but significantly higher (P<0.05) expression of these genes were reported in heat stress group (SBHS) as compared to control group (SBC) in Salem Black breed. However, the striking difference was established in the expression pattern of TLR2 between these breeds. The TLR expression was significantly higher in heat stress group of Osmanabadi breed. But TLR2 did not express in Salem Back breed. The higher expression of most of the cell surface TLRs in the SBHS group as compared to OHS group indicates the superior resilient capacity of Salem Black goats to maintain immune status even during exposure to adverse environmental condition.  Further, these TLRs could serve as indicators to reflect better thermo-tolerance of Salem Black breed over Osmanabadi breed.

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