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    The study we conducted aimed to evaluate the acute toxicity of abamectin (ABM) (pesticide) on liver function and neurobehavioral by using the open field test.  As a therapy, we have opted for a treatment based on natural antioxidants ginger extract (Zingiber officinale) mixed with olive oil to see the restorative effects during the experiment. The study was conducted on female Wistar rats. The latter was given an inhalation exposure of abamectin (ABM) at a dose CL50 > 5.04 mg/L/1hr each morning for one week. The effects of this exposure showed a drop in body weight gain (g), a significant decrease in the relative and absolute weights liver (gm/100 gm body weight) accompanied by hepatic impairment indicating a significant disturbance of transaminases (AST/ALT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity and significant behavioral changes. Administration of ginger (Zingiber officinale) extract at a dose of 3 ml mixed with olive oil at a dose of 1 ml/kg for 7 days orally (gavages) after inhalation indicates that ginger has a more remarkable and rapid effect on physical and mental health, it acts as a major means of defense and hepato-protective against toxicity.

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