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Malque Publishing is an independent online publisher of academic journals, built on 6 years of publishing experience. We specialize in helping authors publish their research and reviews. We are dedicated to publishing a high level of scientific and original research, where our editorial team will lend their expertise, ensuring that articles are timely and provide value to readers, researchers, academics, students, and anyone else who has an interest in topics that our journals approach.

All of its publications are peer-reviewed. Through innovative publications and unprecedented prescience in identifying emerging fields, the publisher seeks to play an active and vital role in advancing the dissemination of scientific knowledge and critical research. Malque Publishing was created with the aim of publishing international academic journals.

It was idealized by the current editor-in-chief of Multidisciplinary Reviews (ISSN 2595-3982), who has experience in publishing another internationally renowned scientific journal: Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology - JABB (ISSN 2318-1265).

Our editor-in-chief's experience in getting JABB to reach the most important international indexes (Web of Science and Scopus) in less than five years existence, certifies to us that Malque Publishing and its journals will also have success on their journey.

Our Journals

In addition to the already consolidated Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology.
MALQUE Publishing launches new journals with the most varied target audiences. See below:

JABB - Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology

International peer-reviewed open-access journal devoted to publishing papers about Animal Biometeorology, Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare, published quarterly online by Malque Publishing.

ISSN 2318-1265

Multidisciplinary Science Journal

Research Articles, Short Communications, Technical Notes, Case Reports, and Clinical Cases from any area of knowledge are published. As a way of making the scientific publication more agile, the frequency of Multidisciplinary Science Journal is in CONTINUOUS FLOW mode.

Multidisciplinary Reviews

The first multidisciplinary open access journal of the world, where, EXCLUSIVELY, Reviews, Mini-Reviews and Research Articles with Questionnaire Applications are published. As a way of making the scientific publication more agile, the frequency of Multidisciplinary Reviews is in CONTINUOUS FLOW mode.

ISSN 2595-3982


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